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From NetEase :. Among the animals released were masked palm civets and poisonous snakes. Comments from NetEase :.

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The vomeronasal organ VNO is important for activating accessory olfactory pathways that are involved in sexually dimorphic mating behavior. The VNO of male garter snakes is critically important for detection of, and response to, female sex pheromones. In the present study, under voltage-clamp conditions, male snake VNO neurons were stimulated with female sexual attractiveness pheromone.

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On the age-old stone benches beside Westminster Abbey's cloister lay a snake and a cat - their slithering or fluffy skins worked into tapestry cushions. The same symbols appeared on densely decorated clothes, bags and shoes, in which models for the Gucci Cruise show stepped over paving stones marking ancient tombs. Intense handwork featuring beading, gilt and silk embroidery pattern this shift dress for Gucci Cruise Foto: InDigital.

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A nursing assistant has turned her two-bedroom house into a haven for her seven tarantulas and two snakes. Instead, I was fascinated by tarantulas and how they act in nature — doing things like shedding their outer skin and getting bigger every time. I stroke them and speak to them like any other pet.

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Chaise Patton, in his first interview after surgery, opens up about what he's been going through and the extraordinary amount of public support he and his family have been receiving. Justin also joins us on the phone call expressing his love and admiration of all things Chaise! Meet one of the nicest guys to ever grace the hobby.

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We used to assume that male snakes were in charge and females were largely passive, but that has proved to be spectacularly wrong. The anaconda's swollen body suggested she was full of food, so Rivas waited for her to throw up: snakes often vomit after a meal if they have over-eaten or are stressed, to make themselves lighter so they can flee. But instead of a typical prey, like a capybara, a reptilian tail started emerging from her mouth.

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The problem is that it's not as simple to find out if a snake is male or female as it is in many other animals. On the outside, male and female snakes look similar. However, with a bit of experience, there are ways to differentiate between the two.


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